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our space

Nel Centro is spacious, filled with light and good cheer.
We’ve used Italian white marble and blown-glass lighting.
There are floor-to-ceiling windows and big, plush, leather booths with Douglas Fir tabletops.
Outside is a glorious outdoor patio with fire pits and a living wall.
Our bar is open and friendly, a splash of uptown swank.

We have two private dining rooms—Nizza and Genova that hold up to thirty guests,
a game room, and two executive board rooms.

Tour the restaurant and visit our gallery.

our space, nel centro, portland, or

Nel Centro is Italian for “in the center.”

our food

photo: salmon, nel centro, Portland, OR | photo by John Valls, P
Our food has its roots in the French and Italian Riviera.
Vines, olive and chestnut trees, and small kitchen gardens dot the countryside of both regions.
An unusual degree of culinary inventiveness formed the basis for a resourceful, peasant cuisine.
Fresh herbs, vegetables and seafood are central to this food.
It’s no wonder that Ligurians call their cuisine la Cucina Profumata, the perfumed kitchen.

our team

Michelle Glass, General Manager | Nel Centro

Michelle Glass, General Manager

Luis Escorcia, Executive Chef | Nel Centro

Luis Escorcia, Executive Chef

Michelle Glass — General Manager
Luis Escorcia — Executive Chef
Kristen Sands — Pastry Chef